New feature - Document download functionality.

Posted by roi-admin |

A new feature has been added to the site that enables a user with a proper role to upload and list a document at the site which can then be downloaded by all members.

I think this is a convenient feature where a printable document can be quickly distributed to members. As I have pointed out elsewhere at the site, this mechanism is to be used in situations where information needs to be handed out in formatted document format and is not suggested in most situations where the primary intention is the provision of information to the community and the format of that information (for example, in an eye-catching layout) is neither called for nor is relevant.

Remember, the great thing about this whole web-based platform is that information (whether it is a blog like this, or a calendar entry) stays in "fluid" form, in that once it is posted, the information can be corrected, updated / edited and the information receivers (in this case the site users / members) can then be subsequently informed of that change through the same mechanism through which the original information was delivered to them and in most cases automatically (through the notification feature). This is difficult to do when information is "hard-coded" or made permanent in a document format and even more difficult when that information is printed.

So without going into further philosophy, this functionality is great when formatted information, that is of near-permanent nature needs to be distributed to site users. A third party application form is a good example of this.